Tyler Sipling

Graphic Designer

About the Artist

Hello, I thought I’d introduce myself  so I don’t feel like such a robot and start to feel a little more human. I’m a small town boy born in Hanover, Pennsylvania and brought up in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. I have never experienced a large city until I moved away to Philadelphia to take part in the courses provided by Antonelli Institute. I have taken two years of the given courses and have successfully graduated.


Some of my common interests aren’t too far from the typical person. Apart from the basic love interests of a graphic designer, I am a cat AND dog person, spend hours on end driving (and even enjoying it) on account of being a huge car enthusiast, I’m a huge food junkie and love to spend time in the kitchen, and when I’m not doing any of that, you can find me relaxing at home, playing some games and searching around the internet. I spend a lot of time designing, but I do greatly love my free time and usually try to take advantage of it however possible.


I’d like to thank you on looking at a brief explanation of who I am, and I hope you stay tuned for more!